Starting a Small Business

The very first step in starting your small business is an inkling of a dream – that dream to build your business from the ground up, to unleash your creativity, and perhaps, to even make your own legacy. You have that dream, and now you ask yourself, “What, then?” The answer is really simple: you must have courage.

1. Have courage to earn from what you are passionate about.

Having focus on the kind of business you want is important as it will drive most of your business decisions. Focus on what you are passionate about. Take time to evaluate your lifestyle, your hobbies, or your values. If you are at a loss at the moment, you may do some research to discover what it is that you want to focus on. You may also ask feedback from people that you respect or are closest to you as they may just give you a good idea. If you are obsessed with fashion, perhaps you may start an online clothing shop. Or, if you enjoy animals, perhaps a pet grooming salon is ideal for you. Are you a voracious reader? Then selling books may be just be perfect. If you are passionate about what your business is all about, you will be more enthusiastic and motivated to actually start your business and keep doing it.

2. Have courage to learn the once unknown.

Your dream and passion are essential but it must also be backed with technical know-how. Invest your time and resources in learning more about the foundations of starting your small business. Learn proper management skills, basic accounting, inventory planning, and all the other skills that you may need in your small business. This will keep your business organized and efficient. Learning these may seem intimidating and tough, but you will thank yourself in the long run for having the appropriate skills.

3. Have courage to keep it personal with your clients.

It may be difficult at first to compete with the big players as a small business. So, create an edge by giving your clients a more personalized experience. Get creative and think of ways to make your clients feel important – write a handwritten note in every purchase; keep a database of your clients’ preferences and make an effort in remembering random quirks; exude warmth in dealing with people; give out special freebies; the list goes on. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and ask how do you like to be treated as a customer. After taking into consideration your resources, start applying your ideas.

4. Have courage to take the plunge.

Now that you’ve got the necessary skills and resources; you’ve got the dream and the passion – what will be your next step? Take the risk and start your small business already.

5. Have courage to keep your small business afloat.

Starting a small business is just the beginning – there is still a long way for you to go. To make your business sustainable, you must develop a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Keep updating your knowledge and competence. Keep improving yourself. Keep listening to the needs of your clients. Keep strong relations with your staff and partners. Seek out the advice of other entrepreneurs who inspire you. Keep being inspired. It will be a rough journey, but hopefully, an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Have courage to start that small business you have been dreaming of. Have courage and believe that you can make it. Courage – one of the most useful capital you can have.*